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The Path We Take
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Life Can Be Messy

Life can be messy.
Life is a series of decisions, consequences, actions and reactions. Learning as we go, adjusting our sails as the winds that push us forward change their direction.

We do the best that we can with the tools that we have, and hopefully we come out the other side, a little wiser, a little more understanding of our fellow man, that we are all going through our own battles in life.

We do not start out equal.
We were raised in a different set of circumstances with different...

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Belief And The Path We Take

Talking about our beliefs with the path we take

Oprah Winfrey’s OWN channel has released an incredible documentary series called “Belief,” dedicated to exploring the power of religion as a force for good across the globe. A mini-series of shows dedicated to giving us a glimpse into the worlds of others that think and believe differently is a beautiful eye opener, giving us a small peak into the wonders of us all.

So many times we mis-understand the intentions and the path others take. Maybe thinking that due to the fact they are...

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School Shootings and Other Victims. Enough is Enough...

School Shootings - Enough is Enough - Here is What The Path We take Proposes

Since December 2012 in Newton CT, there has been at least 142 major shootings in America. At least 74 of which were on school grounds. Lives, ended forever. No more sons, no more daughters, no more laughter and family gatherings, no more hopeful promises of futures untold for those that have since lost their lives to senseless acts of violence.

Some blame guns, some blame mental issues, some blame the laws in this country. And while the jury is out for many on how to handle this ever...

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