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Anonymous responses were heart breaking
Confused young adults and children need guidance
Unsure which direction to take in life
Ask your very own question about life itself
Questions from Young Adults and Children
Feeling confused about life ahead
Which direction should I take in life?
Real people tell you how they lived thier life.

Top 10 Questions

1. What is the greatest hardship after high school?

2. What if I cant find a job after college?

3. Is life as hard as it seems?

4. Will I love my chosen career forever?

5. How will I find the love of my life and how will I know they are the love of my life?

6. Should I graduate from school and goto college or just get a job?

7. Is Ball really life?

8. Does it get easier?

9. When in dark times, what is the best thing to do in order to lift your spirits to keep you looking forward?

10. How do you manage the maintain a stable emotional life while dealing with work, love and bills?

11. This and MANY more Questions, Responded to…

Life Can Be Tough, Maybe You Have Questions
In early 2015 I asked my soon to be graduating senior students, “If you had 3 questions about your upcoming life, what would you want to know?” The responses I received were heart breaking, and I knew I had to do something. Hope needed to be discovered in order to give these young adults some possible guidance and deeper hope in life, so I created The Path We Take™.

The questions being asked were not being addressed by anyone; I remember being the same age and not wanting to bother my parents or others around me about these fears. Now I am older, I know many qualified to talk of their path through life, which would by default answer many of these incredible questions I was faced with from my students.

From all of this was born The Path We Take™ and the Personal Journeys Project, a project where many individuals from all kinds of backgrounds respond to these questions and many others, telling their unique stories about their paths through life itself, the hurdles they overcome and the choices they had to make along the way. Discover the burning questions you have inside about life and see how it played out for others in the same boat. Maybe you will be inspired or comforted to know you are not alone in your battles or choices ahead of you, and that ultimately and possibly, life has a plan that is yet to unfold for you.

We are developing a Book, with the first 50 Big Life Questions included and also The Path We Take™ App too that will blow you away, I can’t say more this moment, but it’s going to be huge. Please follow along on Facebook and watch this awesome story unfold.

Make sure you check out what people are saying about this project too. It has been quite the humbling experience, with feedback from some beautiful minds.

A Hint of Things to Come

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  • For someone to understand it gets better, for someone to know that we can lose it all and bounce back in life is pivotal for a healthy perspective, for a healthier outcome for life’s bigger issues we might encounter. Read more…
  • My approach will not work for all, but it will work for many. And maybe they will go out there and lift others that needs help too. I am hopeful that in the year of putting this project together, that the lives… More…

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Interviews Arriving Shortly
  • Natalie tells you about her life
    Andy Gorstein tells you about his life decisions
  • Carl tells us how he came out as gay to his parents
    Alexis tells you about her bullying experiences in school
  • Sidalia tells us about her life growing up
    Hardik Soni tells you about his mistakes along the way to success
  • Barbaras amazing story will captivate you
    Dee will tell you how to connect with others for success
  • Flora Acosta tells us about her spiritual journey
We all need a hug once in a while.
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